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ARKANSAS BLACK - A medium to large sized red apple with an attractive purple to nearly black blush. Very firm, excellent keeper. Good to very good quality when grown far enough south to reach maturity. A shy bearer

BALDWIN - Around 1900, this was the preeminent apple of the northeast. A good quality large red apple.

BEN DAVIS - A large red apple that used to dominate the markets if the southern U.S. An excellent keeper of fair to good quality. Very firm, bruise resistant.

BLUE PEARMAIN - This New England variety has been around since the 1800's. The fruit has a bluish bloom on the dark purplish skin. This fruit has a waxy, tough skin which yields to crisp, tender, fine-grained flesh. The flavor is rich, but a bit tart. Not a good keeper.

CONNELL RED - Large dark red high quality dessert apple.

CORTLAND - A Ben Davis/Mcintosh cross from Geneva, N.Y. A large flat dull red apple with a purple blush. Less aromatic than McIntosh, but a better keeper. Its slow-oxidizing, soft, white flesh is very good in salads.

COX ORANGE PIPPIN - This is a firm, juicy, full-flavored apple, with a cream-colored flesh. It is a fine dessert apple and a must ingredient to good cider.

DOLLIE DELICIOUS - This is our signature eating apple named for the owner's wife, Dollie Fenton. It is a large sweet, juicy apple that keeps well in refrigeration.

EMPIRE - A Red Delicious/McIntosh cross. Medium-sized, round, dark, red apple of gorgeous appearance. Very good eating quality. Juicy, sweet - a great apple for kids.

GOLDEN RUSSET - A medium-sized, russet coated antique. Excellent keeper under high humidity storage conditions. Still considered to be the best apple for cider.

GOLDEN DELICIOUS - This fruit has thin skin and the flesh is firm, crisp, and juicy. Needs refrigeration for proper storage.

HARALSON - A medium-sized red apple. Tart, firm, white-fleshed, good quality.

HONEY GOLD - A Golden Delicious/ Haralson cross. Good eating and a good keeper.

IDARED - A cross of Jonathan/ Wagener. A large, juicy, red apple whose flavor at harvest is nothing special and needs to mellow during storage.

JONATHAN - Tart, rich, real apple flavor. Named for Jonathan Hasbrouck in 1826.

MACOUN - Generally regarded as the best flavored of the McIntosh types. Medium-sized flat-shaped. Skin color is flushed red to brownish-red over a light yellow background. Flesh is tender, white, juicy, sweet and aromatic.

MCINTOSH - This apple has white, tender, crisp flesh that's spicey, highly aromatic, and full of juice. It is the principal apple for most cider, but slices lose their shape in pies.

NORTHERN SPY - Long the standard of excellence for both eating and cooking. A large, red apple. Very easy to bruise.

NORTHERN GREENING - A very hard, green apple.

ROME - This apple is a thick skinned fruit that makes good eating, but finds better use as a baker or in cider.

SNOW - A soft, snow-white, fleshed, aromatic, medium-sized antique flat red apple.

SWEET SIXTEEN - Large, red, crisp, aromatic, very hardy, good keeper.

TOLMAN SWEET - This medium-sized, sweet, yellow apple originated in Massachusetts in the 1800's.

TWENTY OUNCE - These apples can weigh up to a pound and a quarter. The pale yellow flesh is firm, tender, juicy, and somewhat tart. This is definitely a baker.

WAGENER - A large pinkish-red, carmine-striped, antique apple similar in quality to the Northern Spy.

WEALTHY - This apple originated in Minnesota in the 1800's. The greenish, white flesh may be stained pink under the skin and is rather soft and coarse in texture. This is an all purpose apple good for eating, making pies and sauces, pressing for cider, and freezing and baking.

WINTER BANANA - A large, clear, pale yellow apple with a beautiful pink blush. Originated in Indiana in the 1800's.

WOLF RIVER - A very large red apple that is outstanding for apple pie.

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